Havelock Street

Community Hub

Every Tuesday and Wednesday we are at The Hub in Thornaby providing help, advice and food support to the community. Now covid restrictions are starting to lift we are also bringing back our hands on cookery workshops when we can!

hav after school

Hartington Road

Community Cafe & Kitchen

We continue to supply 60 x 2 course meals to the residents in assisted living hostels in Central Stockton. We are looking forward to being able to host volunteers to help prepare the food and reopen the cafe area next month as covid restrictions allow.

harty food

Feel Good Fridays

In partnership with
Five Lamps

Fridays see us go out to put some smiles on the faces of Thornaby residents! In an attempt to tackle the isolation we have all seen increase during lockdown, we have teamed up with 5 Lamps to distribute fish and chips, afternoon tea boxes and flowers.


Eco Shops

In partnership with
Norton Grange and
Amal Project

Following on from our successful introduction of an Eco shop with Norton Grange, we have recently opened a second in partnership with the Amal project at Arlington Park. Eco shop helps local families access low cost food and ensures surplus foods from local supermarkets ends up in tummies and not landfill!


Cooking is also a perfect tool to captivate and stimulate children’s interest and enjoyment of food as well as building their self-confidence, so they are always proud of the dishes they have made. In primary schools food education, including cooking and food skills is a statutory part of the primary curriculum within design and technology and science. Elements of healthy eating, especially the social aspects, are also covered within PSHE.

Food Power Network

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Promoting Health & Well-being

Stockton on Tees Food Power Network (SFPN) promotes the health and wellbeing of people in Stockton. We are a lead member of this alliance and form part of the working group, where our skills and expertise are drawn upon to help develop a sustainable and resilient plan to tackle food poverty in the area.

National Lottery 
Reaching Communities

With thanks to National Lottery Reaching community fund we have delivered 120 community/school cooking and food education workshops from June 2019 - March 2020

Curriculum Cooking 

Hartisan Bread


Hartisan Bread was a suicide prevention project using bread making as a side by side therapy to enable men to raise their self esteem and talk about the challenges in their lives. Ran by our amazing volunteer turned employee Mark, it showcased peer support at its best! We really hope to be able to restart this project when covid restrictions allow.

Community Garden 

On a Mission Community Garden was started during the pandemic to provide a Covid safe project, encouraging the community to come together, grow fresh food, relax and get some exercise in the fresh air.  The project is fully inclusive and led by the communityand is an excellent way to improve mental and physical wellbeing 

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