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Hartisan Bread Project 
Hartington Road 

Hartisan Bread was formed to help people come together, feel good about themselves and create something fantastic to support our local community. 

Hartisan bread is beautiful artisan bread which has been lovely created in flavours such as Mediterranean, Cheese and Onion, Pear and Stilton and Seeded Wholemeal.

The profits from the sale of Hartisan bread fund the Hart community café, Hartington Rd, Stockton. 

Bread making acts as a “side-by-side” therapy and has been proven to be the first step for our vulnerable and socially excluded and marginalised groups, using cooking and food as a key engagement tool to raise skills and confidence. 

Often in crisis or chaos, by volunteering the clients have a purpose in their day, appreciation that comes from the customer feedback and encouragement from Sprouts staff.  

We established a core group of volunteers who have experienced first-hand the effects of poor mental health due to many different personal circumstances.  They have shown to be committed, reliable and very talented and want to share the benefits of being able to talk/listen and support each other in similar situations through the love of bread making.  The clients work in a non-judgemental environment and get the peer support they need at this crucial transition point in their lives. 

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