Eco Shop

in partnership with Norton Grange

Little Sprouts have had a partnership with Norton Grange Community Centre, which is in an area with high deprivation, and we have worked with Groundwork, Norton Conduit, Norton Community Kinship Carers, for many years and have delivering cooking and food education projects to address health and wellbeing of this community.  We are a trusted provider, and during Covid, we have provided weekly food support, craft packs, Xmas hampers and donations to support their collective charitable work.  The groundwork team has volunteered for our organisation as part of our covid response during their furlough. We have utilized their drivers to support our food collection in the early months of covid, creating a joint community response to meet the demanding delivery needs.


All these organisations utilise Norton Grange Community Centre which had just completed its renovation prior to March 2020, and as a community partner, we planned a variety of joint working.


However, we have all worked together identifying the community reliance on donated food and foodbanks whilst also evidencing the families/people who need support but are unable to access services due to isolation, poor mental health, shielding or anxiety due to current restrictions.  This area is serviced solely by a local small convenience shop, as the nearest Aldi is being refurbished, leading to a food dessert.


We have started a very informal eco/community shop to address these needs, which is a collaborative project and provides residents with an opportunity to make an appointment to access this environment during our current restrictions. 


The eco shop model is the perfect solution to reducing food waste. We will use this project as learning and evidence of how best we can work will all the local community/businesses to help this venture become sustainable.

Our surplus food and distribution centre makes a weekly delivery, in addition to purchasing nonperishable items.


We have match funding and in-kind volunteering support as we continue to develop this project.