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Little Sprouts Health and Wellbeing are a charity passionate about people's health and well-being in our communities.  Our innovative community food-related projects aim to inspire people to make better food choices that have a direct effect on their health and diet, in addition to improving wellbeing.  To meet the covid response, we have continued to deliver our grassroots projects and have quickly adapted and grown our charity model to provide new services which directly support food poverty. We are actively developing new projects to encompass food dignity, alongside community activities, with plans to move to a community centre to form part of our covid recovery phase. We hope to support isolation and mental health in our communities as we emerge together from this pandemic.  With this in mind, we are actively seeking new trustees who may have a finance, charity or business background to help us achieve our ambitious growth plans. If this is of interest or you would like to chat with us informally, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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Our Ethos

Little Sprouts Health and Wellbeing Charity are dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of our community.

 Debbie Fixter, (BSc (Hons) Nutrition in Health Science), and Neta Kaur- Brown, co-owners of Little Sprouts Health and Wellbeing Charity, are passionate about food, health and well-being of children, adults and families in our area.

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Covid 19 Response

Download and read our Covid 19 Response information here

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Covid Community Lottery Fund

Latest Publication

 National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund document demonstrating our findings from Year 1, June 2019 – June 2020, of our' Cooking in Communities Project', which forms part of a three-year funded programme.

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